To register as a patient, please fill out our online form.

Alternatively, you can complete the following PDF documents:
  1. Registration Form
  2. Consent for Telemedicine and Electronic Communications
For PDF submissions, you may send the forms by:
  • Regular email to info@ubiquityhealth.ca
  • End-to-end encrypted email to ubiquityhealth@pm.me (ProtonMail) or ubiquity@tuta.io (Tutanota)
  • Toll free fax to 1-833-818-9103

Once your registration is processed (3-5 business days), you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to book an appointment.

If you are inquiring about emergency contraception, please email us (info@ubiquityhealth.ca) after submitting your forms so we can triage your application appropriately.

About us

We are a group of physicians based in B.C. who believe in leveraging technology to improve access to healthcare.

Our focus is on quality, patient-centered care delivered through the responsible use of telehealth. This means that our services are limited to areas of medicine that would be adequately addressed through a telemedicine platform. Available services are subject to change.

If you have questions about our service, please contact us at info@ubiquityhealth.ca.