The COVID-19 antibody or serology test looks for evidence of past infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. As it involves a blood sample, it is also known as the COVID-19 blood test.

Previously in BC, antibody testing for COVID-19 was limited to public health and research use. However, LifeLabs now offers a private pay version accessible to the public. This version looks for the presence of total antibodies (IgG, IgM, IgA) but does not quantify amounts or distinguish between them. At this time, a test specific for the COVID-19 IgM antibody is not available in British Columbia.

Please note that coronavirus serological tests are not recommended for routine clinical use in British Columbia at this time. This is in part due to the low prevalence of COVID-19 locally leading to a higher false positive rate with the current testing technology. There are many outstanding questions regarding the use of antibody tests and the interpretation of their results.

Anyone considering antibody testing is encouraged to consult BCCDC's FAQ page for more information to make an informed decision.

To obtain a COVID-19 antibody test, you will need a lab requistion from a physician. As the test is not medically indicated, neither the test itself nor the consultation to request the test are covered by MSP.

Please follow the steps below if you would like to speak to our doctors about obtaining COVID-19 antibody testing privately.

Step 1:
If you are a new patient, fill out the registration and consent form.
Step 2:
Prepay for the visit to discuss obtaining a lab requisition. The $50 fee is for the consultation only and does not cover the test itself.
Step 3:
Book an appointment here and follow the instructions to check-in for your appointment.
Step 4:
Bring your requisition to any LifeLabs for your blood draw. There is a $75 charge to process the test (subject to change). Your result will be communicated by email when available.

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